Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Yay cub scout night!

Oh my goodness I have never been invited! My son and my dad have a monopoly on cub scouts...it's their thing. However, my dad has an important meeting tonight. I am so excited to be able to go! It's party night so I am guessing a bunch of sugar but it's all good! 

Good night, God bless! have a great week.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Getting back on the (blogging) wagon

Hay all fall is finally upon us, even though here in Western pa its hotter than it was all summer...blech. Any way fall is my favorite season with the crisp air, open windows and blankies! I have always felt that fall was a good time to make changes. Just like we are driven inside by the weather, we can delve into ourselves.

That being said, I am getting back on the blog wagon. What has been weighing on my mind is my striving to be more frugal, give more and have better relationships. I am looking for input on the frugal because the more we save the more we have to give, sometimes it's just a matter of being creative. I also plan to start back up on fiverr.com I'll explain that later. 

My question for my viewers is this. What subjects would you like to delve into first? Any suggestions on the frugal subjects you would like to study? Please let me know! 

Havent talked to you all in a while..how are you? 1 Keep me posted! God bless and have a great day.
p.s. please remember I am a broke mother...haha anyway if you decide to use any of the earnings programs I have listed on the side bars, please click the link so I credit tyvm! 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

I'm a rambling woman!

OK so I know it's been to long again. I promise I am back on the computer and will be posting more often. Let's see what is new. I got a hair cut, will show pic. Got back into the dating game blech and yay. It's been seven or eight years lol. Any way thing one was a real douche bag(Pittsburgh term lol) anyway at least I am back in the game.
I am still at Walmart, my son is in first grade and growing like a weed...pic of him included too. What is new with you all? Have a good day and God bless! PS...sorry about no pics I forgot my iPhone pics won't be attached have to figure out how to send them to myself :)

Friday, January 27, 2017

Sorry sorry!

HI guys Omg I know that its been forever since i have been in touch! just wanted to let you know that i am sorry and that Will be changing layout and thinking of ways to maybe make a weekly post about something what would you like to learn with me? Thanks and God bless! Kathleen

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Updates, Rambles etc from the Burgher

Hi guys! Here with the rambles. Let's see car is gonna cost a bunch to get fixed for inspection. Blah. It only has 130000 miles on it and the to honest mechanic said it is crapping out...my dad always said it's better to repair than to keep making payments since stuff wears out anyhoo and have payments too. This mechanic has been with us for years though so we believe him. Problem is...its LOADED to the hilt was my moms car. V6 leather seats expensive stereo, clicker blah blah ...and even new/newer used car will NEVER come close to this car feature wise. I LOVE my v6 especially on the PA hills! Have to start saving and budgeting...so no more being frugal to be able to spend more/splurge for me! Frugal to be frugal and save! 

I have been stressed lately. Idk why, and partly do and well that's to long of a ramble. I am realizing that I have ALWAYS held the view that people are generally good and the small percent are evil. Good people have bad days and become an asshole etc...But now...with all that's going on and all this crap coming to OUR soil...columbine, orlando, the shootings at the race...I mean it's scary out there. Overseas as well..in Paris..other places that I have always considered to be relatively safe ..and calm.

So, PLEASE my friends be good to be good. Give what you can, make some ones day. I have posted about ways to give even if you don't have extra  time or money. We need to be GOOD to overcome the Evil that is out there. Even if you aren't religious, it is each of our jobs as people ...to be good. We all should have some form of principal and moral decency just because...well that's what it SHOULD be. 

So back to new car topic...Please support the goal..I have many points sites on the side that I do often and get referral credit.  Please consider signing up for one. God bless and have a great day! 

Anyway, more to come. I am going to make a point of posting all my posts here to my facebook page as well feel free to follow me there as well.


Monday, May 30, 2016

Oh my Kindergarten Graduation!

Hi guys! I know, been a bad lil' blogger AGAIN. Now that school will be over on Friday I won't have so many early mornings and have more time. Sooo I will be online more..btw anything you want to know about? Chronic pain, budgeting etc...frugal whatever you want let me know! 
Anyway, back to the point of today's blog.  My little kiddo graduated kindergarten this past Friday!  I am so proud of him and where has the time gone? He can read, do basic math and so much more that he couldn't just a short school year ago! yay! 

anyway, How have you been? God bless and have a great day! 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Updates, musings and rambles from the Burgher (good, bad and uglier)

So, I know long time no see AGAIN and so sorry to let you guys down. I have been EXTREMELY busy. With my son in school, work, trying to catch up on housework...those of you that follow me know that I have chronic pain so stress does make it much worse! etc etc.

Let's see hmmm, good. I went Goodwill hunting and scored Adidas memory foam slides for $6 never used. I also scored my sons winter shirts for next year, just need to catch up on pants. This is a good time of year to clearance shop and do goodwill..stores and people are trying to make space and clean out their closets, per-se. 

I,after almost six years, finally got full time at work. Good. Of course there is a catch with that..it's Wal-mart..haha. I had to open my availability which is 7am to 11 pm and boy did they take advantage of that. It's going to be really stressful and exhausting but the extra money will be worth it! 

Bad and good...my son had a really bad cold but he is better, but it seems my mom got it. My 92 year old grandpa has a severe flue and is not doing well. 

Anyway, enough for today. I do have some rambles in my head...which ones do you want? Saving money? Being giving? etc?

Also need to support my goodwill habit so here is a link to swagbucks, an extremely easy way to earn  gift cards or paypal money, if you are interested I can give you tips that are quick...I average about $5 a month on there. PLEASE USE MY LINK! God bless and have a great week!