Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bits, updates, random life stuff

Lets see, what have i been up to? hmmm exhausted lol. I found out I have fibromylgia but with a diagnosis, I can work on feeling better.
I am still at 40 pds lost....but my clothes are getting bigger still! yay
I have had some good saving deals like I got 60 dollars in stuff from cvs for 36 dollars and then 17 dollars back in extra bucks for my next trip. I got sierra mist for 40 cents picked up several. My couponer friend gave me TONS of Atkins coupons which is good since it is so much more convenient for a quick meal! protein ussually has to be cooked! 
working my way to a free cart full but being so sore zaps my energy.
I am so excited I am finally ready in my head and heart to look for  a soul mate, I believe when you are ready it will happen, so having faith! 

Anyway, what is up with you?