Monday, May 14, 2012

You know you have toddlers when

Happy mothers day, a day late :) I was so pooped last night at 830 pm after work, I went to sleep with my son, He will be 3 in September.

So The other day getting into my car the other day, I heard a mom say to her toddler, WHY did you take your socks off AGAIN?!
This Made me laugh, since that is a thing my son does, he thinks he is HILARIOUS!
So this is my list, feel free to add:

You know you have a toddler when:
-you find cookie crumbs in your purse, in your shoe and in your collar.
-the normally calm cat is screeching from the other room
-you can't find your work schedule...oops some one was helping with the trash
-you pass the Golden Arches and cries of juice and fries and wahhhh comes from the back seat.
-there is rain all over the inside of your car since some kid thinks its funny to unroll the window a crack(2011 accent didnt upgrade) GRRRRR
anyway I could keep going all day! Love Love Love the baby

ps he informed my parents the other day..."I not baby I people"