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Friday, July 20, 2012

Sorry its been to long, my savings for the week

Hi all! Life has been speeding like Nascar!  I got a sidewise move at work which is awesome, I will be getting a lot more independance and also more excersise which I need! I work at Wal mart and will move from being a cashier to sales associate for seasonal/stationary. My section will be from where you see the holiday stuff, which rotates for the season, on through stationary/crafts and back to the luggae whew! 
I will clean, organize etc.

This week I used my 3 reward that cvs sent me for my birthday. I bought 4 , 12 packs of diet pepsi for 12.00 and used my 3 dollar coupon bringin it to 9 dollars. my son snuck in har har a ball for 1.50. I got an addtl 2 dollar extra bucks for buying the pop. I did a separate order and bought an 8 pack of paper towels that were on call for 3.99 minus my 2 dollars it was 1.99 not to bad!

This saturday a new dollar general is having their grand opening, They sent me a 5 dollar coupon off a 25 dollar order. I need laundry stuff, cat food etc. If I use a coupon for each item, I should pay no more than 15 dollars and will be able to stock up./ I am hoping to be in the first 50 customers to get a 10 dollar gift certificate which would bring me down to five dollars. This is my goal, we will see how I do! I will let you all know.

Sorry about the novel, but its been a while! 
Love you all! 
don't forget your good deed for the day!