Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BZZZZ agent review of nerf fire vision football

Hello, i am a bzz agent that gets free stuff to try and tell you about here is a review of the new Nerf fire vision football:

I saved this as a birthday present for my son, who just  turned three. I love it! errrr I mean he loves it,this is one neat toy! You put the glasses on and it really does "light up" when you throwthe ball, it spins and makes the lights "blink" and "twirl" really fun and nice that its not as hard as a regular football, he is to young according to the age limit of 6 but he sems to do fine with it. I definately reccomend this toy!

Here is the official info from Nerf:

For years, a certain caped superhero has fooled children into thinking greatness comes from taking a pair of glasses off. But with NERF FireVision Sports, the magic happens when you put the FireVision Frames on.
To turn up the heat on throws and catches, slip on your futuristically cool NERF FireVision Frames and start tossing around your FireVision Football — you'll see the game in a whole new light. Literally! Thanks to innovative new FireVision Microprism Technology, you and anyone wearing a pair of FireVision Frames will see an illuminated football in the daytime and in dim or low lighting. Which means the fun never has to end.
And it won't. Because now kids and kids at heart can add even more excitement to a game of catch after school or H.O.R.S.E. after dinner. Go ahead, make up your own games. Here at BzzAgent, we especially liked playing Capture The Flag using FireVision footballs in place of flags.
Ready to put some glow in your game? Lights Out, Game On!