Monday, September 3, 2012

Yay a good Listia week!

Yay I do listia and got rid of a roomba vaccum a baby monitor,some coke codes and a cutting from my vine.

Ok interupting myself listia is a bartering stuff where people bid on stuff you give away, this gives you "points" to bid on other stuff its all free except to mail stuff if you want 500 poiints go to this link:

anyway back to subject, I bid and won:
a genuine dooney and burke tuffed purse(listia doesnt allow fakes
so weeeee)
the purse has stuff i will re list but has a little mini digital camera i have been wanting a digi camera so mini works !
I also won a pretty , genuine peridot necklace charm and a full sized avon crystal aura perfume(discontinued) that has a free fake crystal charm

so I love this sight lets me get rid of stuff I don't use and get what I want, it also gives you the bidding fever without the cost!

I also had an awesome shopping week but that will be a different post!