Monday, October 8, 2012

Todays AWESOME cvs trip!

Today I had a wonderful CVS trip which was kind of balanced out by the fact I had to shell out 35 dollars for a script that the insurance suddenly decided i needed prior auth for, going to call in am and hopefully they will decide to back date the authorization once I get it! to get my money back.
Any-hoo here is my list, I did it in three orders to use my extra bucks:
First: 2 John frieda Hair color(foam) for 11.99 each 
uses 2.50 extra bucks reward
7.00 coupon
and got 10 dollars extra bucks back:
Total one: 15.49

Degree deodarant: 2.50
Covergirl Olay make up: 15.79
.75 coupon on degree
3.00 coupon--makeup
10.00 coupon from buying hair dye.
total: 4.87

cookie (hushsnack for son) 1.00
vitamins 2.87(had been 10.00)
milk: 2.29
1.00 off vitamin brand
3.00 off any vitamin purchase
cvs coupn 1.16
total : free! !!!

So spent a total of:
20.03 on all of that! not bad!