Thursday, November 29, 2012

Musings and updates from the Burgh

My oh my it's been a while and I am so sorry. 

I have been incredibly busy in a good way and sore in a bad way. Let me tell you about it! 

First the good news. I have moved out of the "projects" in to a REAL HOUSE yippee bills and taxes and all! My grandparents are signing the house over to my mom today. I will live here with my son and if I prove to pay the bills and keep the bills low then eventually she will sign it over to me, and eventually my son will inherit it from me. My son is the fifth generation to have lived in this house. First, it was my great grandmothers, then my grandma. My mom grew up here. My son is in what will always be to me moms bedroom. I am in grandmas room. Grandpas room will eventually be my moms if anything ever happens to my dad. The house is over one hundred years old. My grandfather was a builder for a living and remodeled in the sixties. He closed off the"root cellar" put in central air and heat. He replaced the pipes with copper. It is a sturdy house. As I go I will update, like my mom had to replace the bathroom floor and toilet last year when it kind of sunk.

All that to say..I am really happy to be in a safe, quite house in a family oriented neighbourhood with good people around.

Ok for the bad news. I have osteoarthritis and my knee has been swelling up. Went to the ER with pain a few weeks ago. Then to the ortho surgeon. I have been off work for almost two weeks meaning I missed my thanksgiving pay and all the extra hours from Black Friday week. 
The knee surgeon said that i have a tear in a tendon but surgery wont help since it is a degenerative thing. The insurance is fighting a knee brace. so long story short gotta work in extreme pain .

The good news is I sold my washer and one ac unit and have some one coming to buy the dryer. Hopefully i can "fire sale" him into buying the microwave, kitchen table and the other ac for really cheap...that stinks it makes up for lost work instead of being extra money, but I am grateful to have some money coming in.

Anyway, If you got this far, sorry about the novel and how are you?!