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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sorry its been so long, new years resolution update and january earnings

Hello everyone, sorry its been so long! I have been really busy with work and (katylady77)
As for my new years resolution, losing weight I have lost 15 pds as of today for a total of 45 pounds.
I have been busy online and have been writing down my earnings. I inculde appx dollar amounts on samples etc.
I do not count pending cash outs or money sitting there like 20 dollars at inbox dollars, but need 30 to cash out. Feel free to ask for referral links( I do get credit, thanks! )

so here goes!
$5 amazon gift card, swagbucks
$15 free claritan d bzz agent
.10 Jingit
-$10 cvs gift card mypoints
-.14 Quick rewards
.07 quickrewards
-$1Free tooth paste
-7.82 fiverr
-.23 quickrewards
-3.92 fiverr
-$2 free calender
-$10 free sterling silver giraffe charm/listia
-$1-free penny rolls
-$4 free address labels
-$1 hair samples
-$15 fiverr
$5 amazon, swagbucks.

Yay for a grand total of $85!

How are you doing! ?