Sunday, November 10, 2013

My grandma passed away today.

My grandma Kay (Kathleen, I was named after her.) Passed away this morning. She leaves behind me, my mom and dad, my aunt and my great aunt her twin . My grandpa also they have been married 66 years. I will miss her very much. SDhe always made the beswt pies and jelly. Dry lasagna juswt the wqay we like it. Stuffed peppers and huluski (noodles and cabbage.)
She has had dementia the lst five or 6 years. In the last year or so, she couldn't recognize any of us and was just not with it at all. When we starte4d noticing the demntia we laughed and thought it was senior moments, it was like her filter to her moth shut off and she said whate4ver popped in her head, kind of funny!
I will miss her grandma hugs, money tucked in my pocket and being called her baby.
I love you grandma and know that you are happy now, healthy and with your family.