Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ramble's from the Burgher

Ok so you are stuck with the rambler again! I am sick, stuffed up and sore so this is not going to be my best effort ever. Anyway, got that all out!
On to the rambler! I just finished several orders on fiverr and I just had one guy order Five orders! weee! That is good...but wait...there is more! That means I have to do the work. Oh well! Some one has to do it!
Other thoughts didn't do to bad on my monthly grocery shopping. Saved probably $50 give or take which is good. If I wasn't so sore I could've done better, but every little bit helps! I wish I could finally find that one(I am finally ready:) to help with finance so I could focus more on my writing and less on being out and about making myself sore. I am good enough at saving money to make it easier for a 1 income household to thrive.

Anyway done with rambling! how are you?