Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rambles and Hacks for Life from the Burgher

Hi all! Know its been a while here but just keeping you updated. i had a death in the "family" my blood family. I was adopted and now have re-connected with a lot of family, including my brother. Its amazing and has opened me up to drop a lot of the baggage, it was devastating but also a golden opportunity to drop a heavy load.

Any way here is a few tips that I keep forgetting to tell you. For those two heavy boxes of powder dish soap or laundry soap, save a creamer package or something similar. Just fill it up, make sure every one knows what it is and it makes it easy and neat to pour into the spouts. Great f or those of us with chronic pain. Also, if you get stuck on gunk anywhere put soap  and a bit of water and take an expired drivers license or credit card and it scrapes right off. Reduce and reuse! 
God bless! 

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