Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Katys' Freebie for the day Aerosmith-"Dream on" In tribute to the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Today, I was planning to give you the freebie of dream on by Aerosmith. Didn't expect to be brought to tears by this video, where he makes tribute to the Boston Marathon Bombings. 
The first reason I went to look for the video is to remind myself, Allen Prefacy Rodriguez  and all of our followers to follow your dream. Don't give up. Hold on like a bulldog with a bone. 
Seeing this video totally changed my perspective on this. My life is NOT that bad. If Boston isn't giving up, I certainly SHALL NOT GIVE UP. Our generation needs to bring change. End the violence and teach our children and grandchildren right from wrong and lead by example. Dream on and hold our selves accountable for the future's future. God bless and think on these things. Find the video here: 


Some how can't get this to show the vid on this page! 

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