Monday, March 30, 2015

Updates and ramblings from the Burgher

So here I am! Just stopping in to say helio, how are you? Not to much new going on here! My son is doing well and is excited about going to kindergarten...In reality though going on the yellow school bus seems wonderful to him.

I am on my second day off in a row which is nice. It has given me the chance to do a bit of cleaning and catching up on my online stuff. I have a few things I want to buy so working hard to get cash outs on a few of my sites. 

This week probably Friday I will be going grocery shopping...I am sore but it needs done. I am going to stat printing my coupons through
swagbucks (use the above link please!) this way I get paid approximately an additonal ten cents per coupon. What i do is print them out and then cut them out during my hour lunch break at work. I will first go to Aldi a local discount/generic store. Then I will see who is having a good sale and use my coupons there. Giant Eagle is expensive but when stuff is on sale and I use coupons that double its not a bad deal. Thjey also have a place that I can drop my son off to play. Its win-win. I sometimes sit in their  cafe, buy a drink and go through my coupons and the ad.

Anyway God bless and have agreat day! ps me when i ws thin and young!