Sunday, May 3, 2015

Spring has Sprung around here!

So spring has finally sprung, cold and allergies and all! anyway, finally feeling better so here I am blogging! 
Nothing much new going on around here. I did get my container garden planted this afternoon, so that is nice. Also stoked that getting to go to the New Kids on the Block concert next month. Have had a few good goodwill hunting trips. Also a good Big lots trip for under $50 I got some food to tide us to next big trip(monthly one) 2 name brand hair dyes, name brand make up that I liked last time I bought there so I have enough of each to last me quite some time. Bought some emergen-c for $6 an awesome price for 30 packs! I get so burnt out sometimes I am trying to build up my immune system. Also, figure being burnt out and unhealthy doesnt help my metablic rate so trying to fix that too. 

Anyway, what have all you been up to? 
Have a good day and god bless

Oh yah! forgot to tell you..went back to "vaping" to get rid of tar and smell my  darned son was yelling at me about smoking!