Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Updates, still not feeling great

Hello! I finally got over my cold but am having issues with liver enzymes. I got an ultrasound yesterday, been having bad stomach and lower back pain. Plus exhaustion even after taking off work. Since, for once in my life, I posted personal stuff on Facebook here is the posts, so you know what is going on. I appreciate all of you and your thoughts and prayers. If anyone needs prayer let me know! God bless and have a good day! 

Dec 10:

Normally don't like to post personal stuff on Facebook, but this time I am really worried. I have a possible physical issue, a big one. Going in for further testing tomorrow. Please keep me in your thoughts and or prayers, thanks

Later Dec 10(was in ER)
I want to thank all of you for your support. Still in pain n blood work totally different than last week. So the ER  sent me home after seven or so hours or so. Going to primary tomorrow hopefully find what is wrong

Dec 11 ;

Hi, thanks again for thoughts and prayers. I go to my primary today and if she says it's nothing, I am calling in the big guns ---my mother and if that doesn't work (hello, mama bear doesn't matter how old the "child is") my aunt Jackie Mastrocesare who happens to be a nurse. Something is the matter. I don't feel good and I want to cry. This coming from the person with bad arthritis that stands on her ...large butt all day at work and work that said butt off. (I hope lol) So when I don't feel good-in fact much worse something is the matter.
Please keep praying. God can heal, but God also gave doctors brains to use. Thankfully my new primary, though young, LISTENS to me. This is what started the testing process in the first place, that showed the original o\way off blood counts.
Sorry about the  novel, but you all have been so good to me it makes me feel wonderful to know I am really cared about and Mike Doyle and Andrea M Zierath you both better message me! and Lynmarie Halliday Moore I will message you ttfn I'm off

Later Dec 11:
I am becoming one of those annoying tmi posters but update___going to get an ultrasound next week