Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sorry so long again!

Alas, I know it's been to long, but I will give you  a brief update. Hmm, starting my low carb diet again in the morning have been stuckish and or creeping up a few pounds. Found out I have degenerative disk disease/arthritis in my back. All the more reason to get my butt working on my online work! Arg...Been exhausted lately think/hope it's my allergies! 

Anyway I had a good aldi trip today got all my low carb/most for the month and food for my son. I am really sore but glad to have the bulk of my shopping done and having NOT wasted my money on crap I don't need.

Anyway...what have you been up to? Have a good night and God bless! 

P.s. btw thinking of earning online, if you join swagbucks under me, I will get 10% of what I earn I have been a member for about five years now and just got an email that I have earned 250+ dollars in that time! It's easy, I do the search, coupons, daily poll and nosos...quick and can also shop ...stuff you do online anyway! Be sure to use the following link..please, i have a serious Goodwill addiction that needs fed!