Saturday, April 23, 2016

Updates, musings and rambles from the Burgher (good, bad and uglier)

So, I know long time no see AGAIN and so sorry to let you guys down. I have been EXTREMELY busy. With my son in school, work, trying to catch up on housework...those of you that follow me know that I have chronic pain so stress does make it much worse! etc etc.

Let's see hmmm, good. I went Goodwill hunting and scored Adidas memory foam slides for $6 never used. I also scored my sons winter shirts for next year, just need to catch up on pants. This is a good time of year to clearance shop and do goodwill..stores and people are trying to make space and clean out their closets, per-se. 

I,after almost six years, finally got full time at work. Good. Of course there is a catch with's Wal-mart..haha. I had to open my availability which is 7am to 11 pm and boy did they take advantage of that. It's going to be really stressful and exhausting but the extra money will be worth it! 

Bad and son had a really bad cold but he is better, but it seems my mom got it. My 92 year old grandpa has a severe flue and is not doing well. 

Anyway, enough for today. I do have some rambles in my head...which ones do you want? Saving money? Being giving? etc?

Also need to support my goodwill habit so here is a link to swagbucks, an extremely easy way to earn  gift cards or paypal money, if you are interested I can give you tips that are quick...I average about $5 a month on there. PLEASE USE MY LINK! God bless and have a great week!