Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Updates, Rambles etc from the Burgher

Hi guys! Here with the rambles. Let's see car is gonna cost a bunch to get fixed for inspection. Blah. It only has 130000 miles on it and the to honest mechanic said it is crapping dad always said it's better to repair than to keep making payments since stuff wears out anyhoo and have payments too. This mechanic has been with us for years though so we believe him. Problem is...its LOADED to the hilt was my moms car. V6 leather seats expensive stereo, clicker blah blah ...and even new/newer used car will NEVER come close to this car feature wise. I LOVE my v6 especially on the PA hills! Have to start saving and no more being frugal to be able to spend more/splurge for me! Frugal to be frugal and save! 

I have been stressed lately. Idk why, and partly do and well that's to long of a ramble. I am realizing that I have ALWAYS held the view that people are generally good and the small percent are evil. Good people have bad days and become an asshole etc...But now...with all that's going on and all this crap coming to OUR soil...columbine, orlando, the shootings at the race...I mean it's scary out there. Overseas as Paris..other places that I have always considered to be relatively safe ..and calm.

So, PLEASE my friends be good to be good. Give what you can, make some ones day. I have posted about ways to give even if you don't have extra  time or money. We need to be GOOD to overcome the Evil that is out there. Even if you aren't religious, it is each of our jobs as people be good. We all should have some form of principal and moral decency just because...well that's what it SHOULD be. 

So back to new car topic...Please support the goal..I have many points sites on the side that I do often and get referral credit.  Please consider signing up for one. God bless and have a great day! 

Anyway, more to come. I am going to make a point of posting all my posts here to my facebook page as well feel free to follow me there as well.