Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Getting back on the (blogging) wagon

Hay all fall is finally upon us, even though here in Western pa its hotter than it was all summer...blech. Any way fall is my favorite season with the crisp air, open windows and blankies! I have always felt that fall was a good time to make changes. Just like we are driven inside by the weather, we can delve into ourselves.

That being said, I am getting back on the blog wagon. What has been weighing on my mind is my striving to be more frugal, give more and have better relationships. I am looking for input on the frugal because the more we save the more we have to give, sometimes it's just a matter of being creative. I also plan to start back up on I'll explain that later. 

My question for my viewers is this. What subjects would you like to delve into first? Any suggestions on the frugal subjects you would like to study? Please let me know! 

Havent talked to you all in a are you? 1 Keep me posted! God bless and have a great day.
p.s. please remember I am a broke mother...haha anyway if you decide to use any of the earnings programs I have listed on the side bars, please click the link so I credit tyvm!