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Monday, April 23, 2012

Peeves,over spending people!

Ok so this is my rant and rave for the week lol! I work at Wal-Mart and see waste and overspending every day and everywhere! 
So, here we go! 

-people who weave in and out of traffic to a red light, where do you suppose you are going, wasting your gas, in such a hurry? YOU HAVE TO STOP.

-people who buy 4 plastic wrapped potatoes for 4 dollars. for GOODNESS SAKE please buy a 5 pound bag for 3.50, poke holes in it with a fork and stick in the microwave! even if you throw away the rest, it is still cheaper that way! 

-people who buy 40 bucks worth of bathroom stuff(makeup, shampoo etc) with out a single coupon on a lot of peoples orders I could easily save 10 bucks, this is before price matching. Take the 10 minutes to clip a few coupons,

-people who buy hangers, just ask the cashier for free ones, they aint matchy matchy but they work! 

-enough said: people who but frozen peanut butter sandwiches with the crust cut off for 75 cents per piece

-5 lunchables; I could buy you the meat, the crackers and the candy and drinks for less money and you would have lunch for the family on saturday! 

Ok, so this is a brief list and sorry if I offended any one, I am cheap and hate paying full price for anything! I love to shop, but like the burlington commercials, I got this this AND that for less than your one item! 

Ok, so what is your thoughts?