Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ramblings from the Burgh

So far today it is a nice sunny day and my day off to boot. My dad took  me to drop my car off at the mechanic last night after work, then dropped me and my son off at home.  The logics were just easier that way. In PA we have to get a yearly inspection and mine is due by the end of the month. While the ladybug(a red 2011 Hyundai accent) is there, she will get her oil changed. It is a family tradition to drive your car until they are half dead and sell them to your children..ha ha . So I plan on keeping it maintained and polished etc so if my son wants a car when he is 16 he can have it. Of course buy for several thousand dollars work ethic, responsibility etc. 

I have a few fiverr orders to work on, laundry to do and a doctors appointment...well ther4e went the day off! 

anyway that's the 411 from the burgh!