Wednesday, April 17, 2013

You know you are broke and or frugal when:

-You pay a few cents more for a good reuseable container
-You use coupns-a lot(not extreme here yet)
-Aldis is your best friend.
-you look at everything you buy to see if it's something to reuse or recycle. You hate throwing things away so donate, give it away or reuse it.
-you have a compost coffee jar
-you buy extra dishes at goodwill so you can fill your dishwasher until it screams(you hate running it more than twice a week)
-your house is 63 during the winter
--you get samples with the thought to sell them in baggies at a garage sale or post on listia
-you order cheap stuff off amazon with your swagbucks money.  I don't care if my reusable kcup didn't have a box and probably fell off a truck but it was $6 wih the shipping.
-you love your litter maid but not paying $18 for refills so you bleached the one you have and duck taped it
-duck tape is a staple in your drawer
-you buy whole milk and make a half gallon into two or more
-you always check the clearance veggies with stir fry in mind]
-if it can't be reused or sold or donated, can it be re cycled at the scrap yard? (money honey! )

what do you do?