Sunday, April 14, 2013

Random ramblings from the burgh

So as usual life has been busy. I am talking to an old flame that fits like an old shoe. He is in Florida and is just graduating college in a few weeks. He is looking for jobs and might move up here. Makes me nervous but he is one of those guys I am just comfortable with. I have not dated in years and am worried ...what are your thoughts?

I vacummed out my car today oh joy, but it had to be done. Tomorrow I go get new front tires as they are pretty bald from being stuck and burning rubber in a snow storm.  I have to get the car inspected next. fun fun!

My son is finally potty trained and can go the night without a diaper on. Part of me is stoked as pullups and changing them ahem....stinks...and is costly. The other part is sad to see him growing up so fast.
What is new with you guys?