Sunday, February 9, 2014

Promised you Frugal!

Ok, so I promised you all frugal, sorry about the bright bold red but need to get myself pumped up about saving as well as you! I am just going to make a random list, of things that pop in my head. I do so many could not list all at once! Feel free to let me know yours, since knowledge is power and a penny saved is a penny earned!
-wash and reuse ziplock bags, now even sandwich bags make great baggies and even plastic wrap! Less wasting food and less wasting money on "disposable" items that will not decompose for a billion years! (btw the twist ties are handy for everything!)

-keep your house cold mine is at 65 right now its about 10 out! when I leave I put it at about 62.  During the summer I keep it at 78 when not at home and 75 when I am there and use fans if It gets to muggy I will turn it down for an hour or two to get the muggy out.
-fill the dishwasher til it might scream
-donate unwanted items....karma, what goes less clutter is better for you...or so they say, still working on it!
-shop yardsales
ok so wearing myself down!
please feel free to add!
God bless, have a good one!