Friday, July 18, 2014

Live in the fab lane. don't break the bank~

So, alright I work at Wal-mart and see all kinds of shoppers. Some are good and buy mostly generic. Others use coupons. Then there are people that buy 6 makeup items and spend almost $50! They could have taken f minutes and saved almost $15 in coupons! 

So what is my point here? there is no way to look or act broke. There is no reason to live beyond your means to look fab.  You don't have to be an extreme coupon or re use plastic bags like I do. 

Look online there are tons of sites with great info to help you out! There are obvious things that you can do, which most people dont do! Shop around for cable and insurance deals. Better yet do so through a site like is the link: Swagbucks, use THIS link!

While we are on the topic of Swagbucks, its an excellentsite to earn easy money. I search there and alot of people shop. I make about $10 a month there. That will be another day,but earning extra always helps. 

So here is a list of easy things you can do without affecting your lifestyle to start on your frugal road! 

-pack lunch a few times a week
-if you want to eat out, do so less and always look for coupons
-if you drink water bottles then buy on sale, and take to work not out of the machine . same with pop, buy cans or single serve bottles.
-take snacks to work and drinks to avoid the machines. 
-unplug appliances when not in use.
-use apps and the internet to find deals on things you want to buy and free shipping.
-if you smoke consider switching to vapors, i do that and love it! 
-try a few generics if you dont like it meh dont buy it again.
-be a clearance fiend! I have gotton khackis for work for $1 a month ago! three pairs! I have gotton a $200 knee length wool coat for $7! 
-Do the same with food. I stock up and eat whats on sale! 

Any way, I will make it a point to help you in my next posts. Please help me! these are very basic and I do a lot more to save!