Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sorry I've been away so long, newest rambles from the Burgher!

Hello all! So sorry haven't kept you guys posted, but life has been totally crazy busy. Completed a large order on fiverr yay! was sick for a few days. Lost 23 pounds! Not from being sick haha bu the doctor put me on metformin for pre-diabetes and that has curbed my appetite awesomely! 
One thing that has been on my heart and mind lately can be summed up by the black eyed peas---"where is the love" 
here is the link:

People can be so rude, for no reason. They gossip and backstab, I have seen a lot of that lately and it is getting me sooo upset! I have even caught myself participating a few timew which makes me angry at myself! 

Anyways How have you guys been?