Friday, September 19, 2014

Been busy as usual! I finally seem to have a  decent part time gig online! 
I am helping: 
get up and going! It is a cool site you should check out! It is for musicians to collaborate, dj's players, songwriters etc. I plan also to add a group and forum for writers, one for artists etc. bloggers also. It is for creative people to have a safe place to learn, grow and market themselves. I hope to help allen the site owner eventually get it to facebook like status. Since he is grounds up, if it starts doing well he will increase my salary. YAY salary! Anyway, please pray it takes off I would eventually like it to be enough for me to reduce my hours at WalMart. Would keep that job for 401k and discount though! 
On the subject of earning, please check out my links on the side and bottom. These are all sites that I work with on a regular basis and so far have been legit-and paying sites! 
Anyway, How are you? what have you been up to? Any frugal tips for me?

God bless you! Have an awesome day! Be sure to check out: Menace records

Another Wonderful day God gave me!