Wednesday, December 10, 2014

People of WalMart

Ok so I admit I have been at Wal-Mart for more than four years and have seen it all(unfortunately.) I admit 95% of the time I like it- the benefits are ok, most employees and customers are ok but sometimes you just gotta say WTF. This blog area is dedicated to “the People of Wal-Mart” a lot of stuff I will pull from the site that has great crazy pics at Wal Mart but for now lets go over some pet peeves as an insider – a cashier and service desk associate. Here is a brief list I am sure I will add to as I go. Allan I love you, hope to God people love Menace Records as much as you and I do! So, here are some things NOT to do at WAl mart
-put your phone or money in your bra or underpants(yes to both!) you really think I want to touch that?

-If one mere person asks me where the blue basket goes, I might just tell them where they can put it!
-when asked if you found everything you needed it is really not ok to answer with the money tree, the bag of money etc. IF I knew where that was you think I would still be there??!!!
-wear your little sisters clothes. As a large gal losing weight I suggest clothes that fit. I have enough fat rolls, really don’t want to see yours as well! or your thong line that must really be hurting by now!
-guys please don’t dig to china and then come through my line, again don’t want to touch that! And yes you are smaller than you realize. I get it-it gets uncomfortable there but for gods sake use the bathroom!
-Don’t say oh I have change AFTER I have counted out your money. for goodness sake say oh wait before you do that..
Any way sigh this is just naming a few! 

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