Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sorry its been so long! Ramblings from the Burgher

Hi guys! sorry it has been so long! I have been crazy busy with my work at work at WalMart and of course Christmas. It was sooo not fun having bronchitis the whole time so was just a wee bit more than tired. Also need to get bloodwork done so I can get my meds filled for my arthritis the pain is noticabbly more without them. They are very strong though Humira and methotrexate. Been so busy and tired but really regret putting it off! 

There is good news though. My parents bought me a new tv, a need not a want my little 10in tv was almost 10 years old, the screen was getting spots and it was buzzing. I got a 32 in hi def tv, its really an upgrade and awesome! 
My son made out like a bandit both at home and at grandparents house. Spoiled little guy! 

I have had some good goodwill hunting trips to! 

Anyway God bless and have a great day!