Sunday, February 22, 2015

Finally Found the right word for my funk

Ok, so the last  few days I have been in an emotional funk. couldn't place the feeling. I have figured out what it is, finally. I have been feeling melancholic and I need to pull the f*8 out of it. 

First, I realized OMG, my five year old is going to be in KINDERGARTEN next year...have to enroll him now. He has been in daycare since he was one. It's not separation anxiety. I'ts OMG I am getting older. My BABY is getting to be a school ager. I don't live in the school district where his daycare is, so he won't be going with any of his friends, he'll have to start new. He is joining t-ball another big kid thing. ARGGGG we are all growing up. 

Another thing that has happened is someone at work, the one I would vote least likely to get fired, a rule sticking gung-ho employee. Got fired, they were a rude toad a lot but fair and honest.  If SHE could get fired, who is to say I am not next. 

Thinking of work. A large percent of people are getting raises. I am not. I am OVER the rate that they are increasing pay for. The Heck? I WORKED to get over that rate for almost five years. Blah.

Lastly, after a hard breakup  I'm finally ready for a relationship. BUT who will want a fat, wrinkled, single parent? Blah.

Okay, as of now I have decided to quit my whining. I am putting this out there to the public so I will HAVE to do it, or else I will look like an ass. 

How am I gonna do that? List the positives. I may be fat, but you are ugly and I can diet. I have an adorable well behaved child that may fulfill some handsome man's dreams for a family. I can be PROUD that my little boy is polite, kind and  very smart. He is growing into a wonderful human being. This I can be proud of. I have a well paying job with a good retirement plan-I have a good amount of money put away. Stock purchase and 401k. Who knows maybe they WILL find a way to help their long term employees. I have health and vision benefits and have a pair of $148 glasses to pick up and won't have a headache every time,ahem, I am on the computer a long time. My online earnings are FINALLY starting to pick up, so I can reach my goal of most of my income being online. 

"Whatsoever is good and pure, think on THESE things." 

Thanks for reading so long in my novel and have a blessed day!