Thursday, February 5, 2015

My thoughts as of late, saving money to GIVE

So not much going on around here as of late, other than YAY I GET TO SEE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK IN JUNE WEEEEEE! 
Anyway back to the subject at hand. Let's go over some ways to save so you can GIVE back. So many times I catch myself feeling bad that I can't give to my church, or to other people like I feel that I should.
Then it dawned on me there are ways that I can give back and not always have it be money.
The best FREE way to give back is to try to make some ones day EVERY DAY. Compliment some one on their hair. Ask a work friend if they are okay if they seem down. Just listen and agree no advice needed. Stuff like that is easy and makes you and them feel better and opens your heart to receive blessing. If you shout it out that is your blessing, but if you wait, it will eventually come back to you in turn...maybe not today but when you need it most.
Other ways to help others is to clear the clutter. Rather than having a garage sale, donate your items to a thrift store or via freecycle. 
If you  come across a really good clearance deal and its your budget, buy extra and donate to someone "new with tags!" just take off the clearance sticker.
If you have coupons you aren't going to use leave them by the product for some one else. Coupons are a great way for you to save of course, but it will bless some one else that may be planning to purchase that product.
The other thing I am doing is when I get cash set aside a few dollars. SAVE the money. Rather than buying a coffee treat or the like, I give it to church on Sunday.Again not to be seen but to bless some one.
If you do stuff a round the house that will also free money up to give. 
Here is an extended list of stuff I do to save, to help me and you give and put money towards saving:

-Unplug non-essential appliances when not in use: blender, toaster even your dsl or other Internet box when not in use. If you don't use your TV box to DVR then unplug that. Saves a lot on electricity.

-reuse bags received for other stuff around the house. I find that my Rx bags are great for sandwiches and dry food in my lunch bag. BTW I lose stuff a lot so buying a lunch box  is not a good idea for me..if you are organized by all means take a lunch box. I also reuse bags like Ziploc by washing them. Plastic bags for garbage. I HATE buying stuff that is just MADE to be thrown away.

-Remember the good to the last drop commercials? Apply that concept to household  cleaners. I had to train myself to use the ends. Manufacturers know most people don't try to get the ends...that is their hope. use deodorant til it scrapes. Invest in a dollar store toothpaste roller-these can be used on other tubes such as hand or face lotion.If there isn't quite enough shampoo to use it can clean other areas-soap is soap. One thing I want to try is using scraps in a freezer bag to make soup or stew.

-OK last one for the day :) If you have a household issue(my last one was drapes ha ha) stew on it for a while before rushing out to buy new. For example, cloth shower curtains make great drapes and no one knows the difference. I got one panel for $4 on clearance had been $20-makes it really easy to put up. My biggest investment was tension rods since I am short and cant reach up that high even standing on the couch. Another example is that I was using the couch to work on my laptop which is on a portable table. I found an office chair for $15 at goodwill and the setup fits perfectly between my couches and i have an end table for my "stuff." 
All this to say-let it work in the back of your head until you have that "aha" moment. What in your house can you re purpose? If its in the back of your head also shop goodwill or clearance for an item that you need or get creative(like the shower curtain) and make do.

Whew, sorry about the novel. Use these tips to help you free up money and time and items to give. No matter your moral belief system, it is scientifically proven that giving does something in your brain that opens you up to feeling better and being more receptive to getting good back...accept when good stuff happens and don't feel guilty! Especially when you have been giving.God bless! Have an awesome day!