Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter! My thoughts on that...

Okay so Happy Easter Everyone! For today's post I figured I would go a different route than just the meaning of Easter. Most of us know the Christian view on this and agree or not. I am going to look at this as a time of renewal for myself. Let me explain here. Easter was created by the early church as a way to entice the "pagans" to convert to the Christian faith. The original holiday was to celebrate the fertility gods and belief surrounding fertility. This was tied into the "new birth" in Christ. So...that's your history lesson for the day. 

So, why am I going to use this as a time of renewal for myself? First, I hate new years resolutions-so there. Second, there is a lot of stuff if you have been reading my blog that i am working towards. Unfortunately, I am stalled on a lot of this. So this year, My goal is going to be renewing and getting back to my non-resolutions of the year. Work on my weight harder, save more and earn more online. Take advice. Keep going and not give up. This spring/summer I am going to take my allergy medicine and force myself outside for more time with my son...he loves being outside! 

So, that is my spring has sprung goals...Are you working towards anything? Anything you need to renew? Let me know! In a few months, we should talk again and see how we are all doing!