Sunday, August 30, 2015

Busy bee, want to Climb up a tree!

So my life has been crazy, busy, boring, upside down. Sorry guys for the negative. Anyway broke my galaxy 3....but I did get a whopping $20 for it in the recycle kiosk. And I'm still paying on it grrr! 

My pain is flaring up hope the Dr refills my prednisone for me! Don't like taking it since it can cause weight gain so will take it for a few days to get the inflammation under control. Just reminded myself I need to order my Humira! Fun taking a shot every two weeks...NOT! I am SO glad that I don't have to take insulin every day. 

Anyway, hope that you are having a better life than I am right now. Sorry to complain at you and thanks for listening! 

God bless and have an awesome week! 

The site that blesses me most! Thanks Allen!