Sunday, August 9, 2015

Wow my craziness!

Yum! Quick change cam at the New Kids on the Block Concert! Next year plan on getting a seat on the side closer to the bottom, costs about #$100 but will be worth it,.

Anyway, on to real life! My son starts kindergarten on the 24th eek! Not going to have separation anxiety...he's been in daycare since he was one. But I will have OMG milestone, poor kid needs to make all new friends and is he gonna be OK anxiety. 

Anyway, got a great deal this week on a new wallet, mine was crapping out. I like the kind with a handle that I can grab out of my purse and go...the kind you can put your cell in. I got the perfect one for 3.88! It is mint green with vintage butterflies on the back and I can leave me cell phone in it to text etc.
My pain level has been ok..btw have to take one of my weekly meds keep forgetting to do that and it reduces inflammation so have to stay on top of that!
As of last week, fyi YAY I have lost a total of 70 pds. Would be happy with 60 more but 90 more would be ideal.

Any-hoo How are you? Whats new? God bless and have a great day!